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The print size depends on the quality of the original. Civil War print technology was comparatively crude which limits the final size of a quality print available to you. When you order a print I will verify the possible quality sizes and get back to you via email. At that point you can go ahead with the order or cancel. Of course a smaller size will mean a smaller price for you. I can print square or rectangular prints as small as 3" X 3" and as large as a "circus poster"! All prices include matting, mounting, and shipping. 3" X 3" and 3" X 5" prints are $9 each. 4" X 6" prints are $11.00, 5" X 7" prints are $14.00, 8" X 10" prints are $17.00 and 9" X 12" are $21.00 My most expensive print package (print, matt, & shipping) will run not more than $21.00 "Circus poster prints will be more due to the need for advanced technologies. Have a GREAT DAY! Hope to hear from you! terryseltz@att.net